Ahad, 24 April 2011

+ StudioShoot - Preview +

I don't exactly remember when the last time i do a studio shoot... I mean with a plug-in studio strobes, big softboxes, white/black backdrop etc.. Normally, i just do it with simple setup, 2 speedlite, 2 sofboxes, 2 light stands complete with china made trigger/receiver..

Well, my photog fren ask me wether i want to join him to do a photoshoot some young talent at his new studio.. So, without doubt, i agree coz it a bit some times i need a refresh my memory..

There is 3 beautyfull young talents.. i miss the first one due to arrived a bit late.. so i just got 2 of them.. but i didn't shoot until the session last bcos i have to get back home early just to avoid a traffic jam..

Here, i share only one pic, with the 3rd talent.. this is her 1st outfit.. (i didn't shoot with her 2nd outfit)..

i'll upload the pic later after doing some pp to those picca.. till then.. bye..

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