Selasa, 31 Mei 2011

:: ALBUM ::

Basically, this is the album for wedding assignment.
I offer two types of album; Custom Storybook & Sticky Album

 This is Custom Album 10x12 with Front Crystal Cover. Unless for special request, the album will cover with  leather cover.

A 5mm thick board, the photo glued then being laminated to maximize protection to the pictures

Album edge

Album box + packaging with inner cloth wrap

 Album box covered with some kind of texture cloth

A DVD box with 11R enlargment (11x14) + wooden frame

Album edge

Special Size 11R extended (11 x 16 ) with frame with silver inner

Front Album + Crystal Cover

  Inner layout of Custom Album 10x12

Inner Layout of Custom Album 10x12

Sticky Album of 200pcs 4R print

200pc of 4R print - Colour / MonoTone/Classic tone editing style

Interested? Email me at | for package. Please info us where & when your wedding will be. Thank you for viewing.

~ Adzrin Taib | 018-776 3998 | Photographer | Editor ~

Jumaat, 27 Mei 2011

:: Sunset @ Nusajaya ::

It very rare to see this kind of sunset nowadays.. Normally, the sky are not this yellow-orange colour.., but it is no imposible for Him.. 

I shot this a few weeks ago, while on the way back from Bandar Nusajaya to Gelang Patah.. While we ( i went the shoot session with azmier, apex & trisno ), were driving our car, sudddenly the cloud change colour to this amazing one.. We park our car on the road side, then took few pictures of it.. 

This image is straight from my camera, i just cropped a bit n resized. No colour editing, contrast each.. What an amazing sunset it is.. Subhanallah..

-Adzrin Taib | shooter -

[ larger view here ]

Khamis, 26 Mei 2011

:: Orang Asli Village ::

Actually, this is an old picture i captured early this year.. One of my fav pictures from a day outing with couple of friends. We were going to two orang asli village in Tmn.Perling & Tg. Langsat...

This photo captured at Tg. Langsat. They live by a sea-side because majority of them are fisherman. We arrived at this village about 11am and caught by a sound of kid laughing happily.. This is time school break.. 

From a very young age, this kids are exposed to sea. They learn how to swim at very young age. They are very good swimmer actually, not affraid of water at all.. 

- Orang asli kid do a back-flip from a boat edge at Tg. Langsat Orang Asli Village -

I'll repeat to visit this village some day at the very early morning, try to capture some good picture.. 

- Adzrin Taib | photographer -

Rabu, 25 Mei 2011

:: Tengkera Mosque ::

This is an interior of historical mosque in Malacca. I shot this with 3 different exposure and combined it in photomatic then do a fine adjustment in photoshop.

- Adzrin Taib | photographer -

Sabtu, 21 Mei 2011

:: My Kids ::

Weekend come again as ussual.. After continuing my album design, i guest it's ok if i take a day off doing it.. Take a couple of shots of my children with experimenting some setting..

This is my 2nd daughter, zahirah. While playing with her aunty, suddenly she stop & looking onto something.. i dont know what she is thinking about but my finger continuing release shutter of my camera..

This shot i used a nikon D80 with 80200 f2.8 two touch wide open.. i dont mind of the over exposure bcos that is what i wanted to do.. to convert this picture to black & white.

This is my third daughter, Damia. She is the one who claim this swaying rattan chair is hers, loL.. however, she willingly share it with her sister.. I dont quite remember what she laughing about, but i do like this moment.. converting to black & white, adding some efx..

-adzrin taib-

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Rabu, 18 Mei 2011

:: Fujifilm X100 ::

Sekali imbas mcm kamera filem, tapi ianya sebuah lagi produk baru dari FujiFilm.. Ni bukan dSLR, tapi merupakan sebuah kamera digital jenis range finder.. Nampak mcm kecik, tp sebenarnye besar jugak la, sensor dia guna sama mcm dSLR - aps-c sensor.

Bentuk klasik ni pasti ramai berminat utk memilikinya. Disamping dgn 'fixed' len 35mm f2, ramai yang teruja termasuk saya. Harga jualan sekitar RM3600.00 termasuk aksesori.

Bagi mereka-mereka yang minat terhadap warna-warna filem - fuji velvia, fuji astria dsb, mungkin ini adalah pilihan yang terbaik.

Untuk keterangan lanjut tentang produk ini, boleh layari

- adzrin taib | 012-788 9894 -

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Ahad, 15 Mei 2011

:: Potraiture ::

This is my first three picture of my new project - 365 human faces -
Anybody would in my list - family, friends, client or strangers (of couse with permission)

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Ahad, 1 Mei 2011

+ Ajami & Nurul II +

Majlis Resepsi di rumah pengantin lelaki....

Adzrin Taib | photographer | editor | 012-788 9894 | |

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