Selasa, 31 Mei 2011

:: ALBUM ::

Basically, this is the album for wedding assignment.
I offer two types of album; Custom Storybook & Sticky Album

 This is Custom Album 10x12 with Front Crystal Cover. Unless for special request, the album will cover with  leather cover.

A 5mm thick board, the photo glued then being laminated to maximize protection to the pictures

Album edge

Album box + packaging with inner cloth wrap

 Album box covered with some kind of texture cloth

A DVD box with 11R enlargment (11x14) + wooden frame

Album edge

Special Size 11R extended (11 x 16 ) with frame with silver inner

Front Album + Crystal Cover

  Inner layout of Custom Album 10x12

Inner Layout of Custom Album 10x12

Sticky Album of 200pcs 4R print

200pc of 4R print - Colour / MonoTone/Classic tone editing style

Interested? Email me at | for package. Please info us where & when your wedding will be. Thank you for viewing.

~ Adzrin Taib | 018-776 3998 | Photographer | Editor ~

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