Sabtu, 21 Mei 2011

:: My Kids ::

Weekend come again as ussual.. After continuing my album design, i guest it's ok if i take a day off doing it.. Take a couple of shots of my children with experimenting some setting..

This is my 2nd daughter, zahirah. While playing with her aunty, suddenly she stop & looking onto something.. i dont know what she is thinking about but my finger continuing release shutter of my camera..

This shot i used a nikon D80 with 80200 f2.8 two touch wide open.. i dont mind of the over exposure bcos that is what i wanted to do.. to convert this picture to black & white.

This is my third daughter, Damia. She is the one who claim this swaying rattan chair is hers, loL.. however, she willingly share it with her sister.. I dont quite remember what she laughing about, but i do like this moment.. converting to black & white, adding some efx..

-adzrin taib-

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