Khamis, 26 Mei 2011

:: Orang Asli Village ::

Actually, this is an old picture i captured early this year.. One of my fav pictures from a day outing with couple of friends. We were going to two orang asli village in Tmn.Perling & Tg. Langsat...

This photo captured at Tg. Langsat. They live by a sea-side because majority of them are fisherman. We arrived at this village about 11am and caught by a sound of kid laughing happily.. This is time school break.. 

From a very young age, this kids are exposed to sea. They learn how to swim at very young age. They are very good swimmer actually, not affraid of water at all.. 

- Orang asli kid do a back-flip from a boat edge at Tg. Langsat Orang Asli Village -

I'll repeat to visit this village some day at the very early morning, try to capture some good picture.. 

- Adzrin Taib | photographer -

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