Jumaat, 27 Mei 2011

:: Sunset @ Nusajaya ::

It very rare to see this kind of sunset nowadays.. Normally, the sky are not this yellow-orange colour.., but it is no imposible for Him.. 

I shot this a few weeks ago, while on the way back from Bandar Nusajaya to Gelang Patah.. While we ( i went the shoot session with azmier, apex & trisno ), were driving our car, sudddenly the cloud change colour to this amazing one.. We park our car on the road side, then took few pictures of it.. 

This image is straight from my camera, i just cropped a bit n resized. No colour editing, contrast each.. What an amazing sunset it is.. Subhanallah..

-Adzrin Taib | shooter -

[ larger view here ]

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