Rabu, 1 Jun 2011

:: Morning Walk ::

I don't remember when the last time i went here in the morning. Normally i go here at afternoon to shoot a wedding outdoor session. But this time, i just wanna walk around to get my body sweat, not ready to jog yet.. 

While walking around, i also looking for a place that has a ROL.. It's 8am, the sun is in the good position and the colour are bit yellow.. (Yesterday, there is raining at late afternoon and there is cat and dog in the midnight, so the temp would be cold enuf so there would be rol in the morning - i guess it at dawn.. )

After a few minutes walk, i just saw the place with this ROL.. Not many people past by here because the road were close up front to the right. I just standing waiting for the right time before i release the shutter...

2-3 minutes later, this three 'uncle' past by make the picture what i wanted for.. What a beautiful morning.. 

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